Types of Props

Many of the props come in various shapes and leave different marks on the body
(Not all Props yet Released)


Prop Styles

Some of the props will be released in different styles. Each leaving a different marks on the skin
(Not all Styles yet released)


Hit Areas

Our competitors require you to wear a multitude of attachments. Seductive Sensations is one attachments for the entire body.

Seductive Sensations

If only we could...!

Seductive Sensations (previously known as Suit of Pleasure) was born from the idea, "If only we could.” The concept "If only we could" seems very simple but is, in truth, very complex. Consider all you can do in Second Life, yet basic things like kissing and leaving marks, or licking and leaving the trail of wet spots, that the act would actually do, was not possible.

Currently, if you wanted a set of items that could do all Seductive Sensations can, they would fill all of your attachment points. The purchase of all the attachments required to accomplish a fraction of what Seductive Sensations does would cost you a fortune. A simple spanker, boob slapper and pussy spanker costs the same as this single item. But this is so much more than just a spanker.

We have created a single item that will allow you every type of body mark, anywhere on the body that you can imagine. And if you think of something that we have not thought of, let us know. Chances are it will be added.

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